Principal’s Message [April 9th]

Hualapai Elementary Mountaineer News

Principal’s Letter:

Jerry Arave – Principal

Alyssa Prince – Asst. Principal

Hello Hualapai Families,

The staff at Hualapai hope this message finds all of our Hualapai students and families in good health.  We have eight bits of information we want to pass along to all our families:

First, your child’s teacher should be contacting you each week either through some type of media device or through an old-fashioned phone call.  If that is not happening, please let us know.

Second, if your student is using the Google Classroom, please continue to do so.  Just do your best.

Third, if your student is doing the work packets, you should have picked up the remaining packets for the rest of the year.  If you did not get them, please come by and we will continue to hand them out next week.  Just call the school when you get here and we will run it out to you.

Fourth, once your child completes the work, you may bring the finished packet to the school and drop it in one of the bins we have set up outside our doors.  The bins are clearly marked by grade level.  We will collect the packets each day and deliver them to the teachers.  MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDS NAME AND THE TEACHERS NAME ARE CLEARLY WRITTEN ON THE PACKET.

Fifth, all work packets are due the week or May 4th thru May 7th.  We are sorry this is so soon, but we need to give the teachers enough time to grade everything and we have to quarantine all items for 48 hours.  Remember, just have your child do the best they can.

Sixth, if you have any library books please return those as well.  There is a bin outside for any library books.

Seventh, Personal Items and Spring Pictures:  Unless you and your child’s teacher have made special arrangements, we instructed our teachers to place your child’s personal items and spring pictures in individual bags.  These bags will then be transferred to our cafeteria ready for parents to pick up on May 6th.  One note regarding class pictures.  We have not received these yet.  Lifetouch is hoping to get them to us before the end of the school year.  We will keep you posted.

Last, at this time, and if there are no delays, we are hoping yearbooks will arrive before May 16th.  We will keep you posted on how you may pick up a yearbook if you bought one.

If you missed any part of this message, I will post all this information on the Hualapai Facebook Page and on our school website as well.

Thanks, and have a safe weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jerry E. Arave

Principal – Hualapai