Hualapai Elementary Important Announcements

Hualapai Elementary School Campus Front

Hello, this is Hualapai Elementary with some important announcements….

2019/2020 Yearbooks Arrive
2019/2020 yearbooks have finally arrived.  Please check our Hualapai Elementary School facebook page for available pick-up days or times.  Or, call the school.

Hualapai School Office Open
Our office will officially open this Wednesday July 22nd.  We will be open from 6:30 – 4:30 Monday through Thursday.  Please wear a face mask if you plan on visiting our school.

Kindergarten Screening
Kindergarten screening will take place July 27th & 28th by appointment only.  If you know someone who has a kindergarten student, tell them they need to enroll their child and then we can set up an appointment to have them screened.

School Starts with Virtual Learning
The KUSD school board voted last week for students to return to school.  However, due to the ongoing issues with the Corona Virus, this will be a virtual start up experience only.  Students will be assigned a teacher and that teacher will provide virtual learning for your student.  Teachers return to school on August 10th and will receive training on how to provide a virtual experience for your students.  Teachers will then call each family to explain how this will be done.  We will not be doing homework packets.  Everything will be done virtually.

All this information has been posted to the Hualapai Elementary School Facebook page.  If you missed any part of this message, please go to our Facebook page or visit our website at

Jerry E. Arave
Principal – Hualapai