Hualapai Letter to Families Regarding Split Schedule Return

Hello Hualpai Families,

Kingman Unified School District is ready to have students begin attending school in-person for two days each week.  Generally, students whose last names begin with A-K will attend Mondays/Wednesdays.  Students with last names beginning with L-Z will attend on Tues/Thurs.

However, we understand that many of our families have children who have different last names.  So, families who have children with different last names will attend according to the last name of the oldest sibling, even if that sibling goes to another school.  This way, families can have all their children attending on the same day.

In addition, in order to keep class sizes small and balanced, we looked at our class rosters in order to determine if a class had more students on one day and less on another.  There were a handful of cases like this.  We then chose students who do not have any siblings and put them on a different day in order to balance the classes.

Please note that students may not come to school every day unless there is a specific hardship. Some examples include families who qualify for FIT (homelessness), or who have children in foster care.  We are sorry this is the case, but due to COVID 19, we want to keep our class sizes below 15 so that we can practice social distancing as much as possible.

Hualapai Teachers will be calling their families today and tomorrow letting them know which days they are to attend.  Also, please note the following…

  1. A) Students must come with a mask.  We will provide additional masks for each student when they arrive.
  2. B) Students should bring a personal water bottle because our water fountains are turning into water bottle filling stations.
  3. C) Students must wear the school shirts.

Sorry this message was so long.  If you missed any or part of this message, we have posted it on our Hualapai Elementary School Facebook Page and on our website.

Jerry E. Arave
Principal – Hualapai
350 Eastern Ave.
Kingman, Az. 86401