Our Vision

Providing your children with an educational foundation for lifelong success.

“Believe you can, and you're halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Who We Are

Kingman Unified School District #20 is a preschool through twelfth grade public school district. The attendance boundaries are J-shaped, reaching as far as the Colorado River, and serving over 3,000 square miles.

The district has eleven school sites with a total enrollment of 7,000 students. Class sizes average 22 students. KUSD curriculum follows the Arizona Academic Standards. The standards for each grade level are listed in curriculum overviews to guide teachers in classroom instruction.

The district participates in the Arizona Assessment Program, including a comprehensive District Achievement Plan which utilizes both formative and summative assessment in ELA and math. The assessments include but are not limited to: DIBELS, STEEP, formative assessments embedded in the AzCCRS curriculum at all grades, and quarterly benchmark assessments in ELA, math, and science for grades 2-12. Beginning in spring 2014, the district became part of the few innovative districts to initialize the technology-enhanced computerized version of the Arizona State Standardized assessment called AzMERIT. All students in grades 3-8 take the computer version of AzMERIT for ELA and Math in the spring. Students in grades 9-12 take the computer version of AzMERIT in accordance to the courses they are enrolled in for ELA and Math. In addition, the district employs international and national assessments for Cambridge, AP, and CTE programs.

A full spectrum of Special Education services is provided for students with special needs. We are proud of our many extra-curricular and enrichment programs. All schools share a common commitment to excellence and a safe, positive climate. Parental involvement and diversified programs create accomplishments for everyone. The district employs 400 certified and 1,000 non-certified personnel. We offer all-day Kindergarten program in every elementary building.

What We Do

  1. Ensure student safety remains KUSD’s number one priority and resources are allocated to meet changing strategies and needs.
  2. Optimize and allocate resources that will provide student academic growth that meets or exceeds the state benchmarks as evidenced by all KUSD Schools being labeled “A” or “B” Schools and the District being labeled an “A” or “B” School District.
  3. Develop each student’s potential by the District’s commitment to educating the whole child through the Four “A’s” -- Academics, The Arts, Athletics, and Activities.
  4. Implement an Informational Technology Program that supports the International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE) that will ensure KUSD students have New Century Learner Skills to be ready for college and/or career opportunities.
  5. Allocate resources to attract, support, and retain well-trained, dedicated staff members.
  6. Develop and implement strategies that will establish a district, parent, and community collaborative culture that says with pride “We Are KUSD.”

Our History

Hualapai Elementary School was the fourth elementary school to open in Kingman. The new structure officially opened for classes in 1982 with Betty Rowe as the first principal.

Now, nearly 40 years later, Hualapai Elementary School can boast a long-standing tradition of granting students an education of the highest quality.

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Jerry Arave

Assistant Principal

Alyssa Prince

SPED Secretary

Laura Uhrle

General Clerk

Rebecca Morphew


Krista Powell

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